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How to support

      When you experience a situation of discomfort or fatigue, both mental and emotional, which interferes with the normal activities of life – personal, professional, relational, work, school – it may be useful to contact a psychologist.

    It is known how difficult and ambiguous life can be sometimes, especially when certain patterns keep repeating themselves.

    In difficult moments, it may seem easier to keep your worries inside you and think that you are the only one going through these kinds of moments and emotions.

    Each of us has our own way of coping, but, from experience i have learned how the right help can change lives.

    As a psychologist, I am a professional in the field of health who meets the needs of individuals and who, through specific tools and skills, is able to outline personality and behavioral dynamics, highlight weaknesses and resources and offer psychological support/consultation for the development or rehabilitation of the personal potential that is necessary for harmonious growth or maintenance of psycho-physical balance.

    My professional skills allow me to help you restore the psychophysical balance.

Psychological support